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What they have to say...

Megan is one of the hardest workers I know: determined, cheerful, persistent and smart, she took the initiative to come up with personalized pitches for us at Bustle video. She goes above and beyond what is required, and is also very organized. Highly recommended.
— Bianca Consunji, Director of Video at Bustle
Wow just wow! Traveling for work is stressful, but we were so lucky to have Megan as one of our locals on a recent difficult and extremely time-sensitive project in NYC. Megan is truly one of the best Associate Producers I have had the luck to work with. Any task I gave her was completed above and beyond what I had imagined could be accomplished.

She understands the job, no task is seen as above or beyond her skill set. She is incredible. Positive, happy, funny and talented. I highly recommend her, and given the chance, I would work with her anytime. She can do just about anything; she is amazing.
— Maren Higbee, Executive Producer/Director at Mighty Media Studios
Megan was a huge asset to a recent production that we shot for Oxygen Media / NBCUniversal. She was quick to help with any and all tasks and brought great energy and vibes to the set. Megan showed up early and worked hard the entire day. She is a great asset to any project or production that she works on.
— Jake Russell, Co-Founder at Good Brother
I have worked with Megan on multiple projects and she is as dependable as they come. Always anticipating next steps, she does so while being mindful of budget/limited resources while also being attentive to client needs.
— Surina Jindal, Independent Producer (NYLON, Whiteboard Pictures, Harbor Picture Company)
Megan is an incredibly valuable member of my production team. As our Associate Producer, she is vital to the show operations leading up to, during, and after our monthly production. She is the only person I trust with marketing strategy for the show, and I know that no matter what happens while the production is happening, she will be there to take care of it. I highly recommend Megan as a leading member of your live or studio production team
— Genevieve Gearity, Producer at Right NOW! with Carolyn Castiglia
I have hired Megan to work on a my film shoots as a production coordinator or associate producer and will continue to reach out to her for future projects. She is incredibly attentive, resourceful, dedicated, and a good creative problem solver. She is also a very positive and charismatic person. Megan has written about my work for a magazine and it was wonderful working with her in that capacity as well. She is a gifted writer.
— Natalia Leite, Director (Bare, Netflix; Be Here Nowish; Vice)
Megan Broussard has been the best art department coordinator I have had the pleasure of working with. She was always one step ahead of our departmental responsibilities. Megan holds a keen understanding of on-camera design and can work in fast pace environment with efficiency and ease. She was a terrific administrator and overseer of our budget and was extremely organized with our receipts- handling our purchases and returns with care and precision.

Her positive and friendly can-do attitude, kept sprits high in the face of stressful situations and she always had terrific constructive solutions to our issues. I would hire Megan again for any of my larger jobs, as she has proven to be able to take on responsibly in time sensitive matters and all around has a great personality to work alongside with.
— April Lasky, Independent Production Designer (BKLN Curated, Staging by Alexander)
I hired Megan on a shoot recently and she was amazing. Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude is what made her fun to work with. The clients loved her. She’s nice, personable, and all around great to talk to. Most importantly, Megan knows how handle any situation, she follows directions, asks questions, and understands a deadline. I will definitely be hiring her on all future shoots.
— Heather DiPietro, Producer at New York Production Services and Ghost Pepper Entertainment